Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oldbag of Cairo: Dying / Funerals in Cairo

Oldbag of Cairo: Funerals in Cairo

Old Bag has written an interesting article on options available to an expat who dies in Cairo. This may sound morbid to some, but its a valid concern of many expats who have settled in Cairo for the long haul.

She covers funerals for Christian expats as the options for muslims are relatively easy to figure out.

To my Hindu (Indian) friends, well, Hinduism isn't one of the three recognised religions in Egypt, so no chance of a ghat! But maybe I will check this fact with some of the Indians who have been here for 12+ years, I'm sure they would have researched the subject.

Read the entire article here: Oldbag of Cairo: Funerals in Cairo

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