Sunday, September 16, 2007

My new passion

Adopted her this evening.

She's already demanding 100% attention from both of us. She has completely explored the house. Found the darkest and dirtiest corners of the house & rolled a bit until the dust got transferred on herself.

Pushed me off the bed. Wants my husband to herself it seems ! They have watched cricket together & completely bonded. Looks like I'm the 3rd wheel :)

She's taking up all my time. Wants to sit on the laptop. I think she plans to learn how to use it ! Now if only I can train her to type out my reports for me !


vagabondblogger said...

Beautiful cat. Did you get her from a rescue agency?

Kim said...

her last owner was leaving Cairo & couldn't take her with her. So she was looking for someone to adopt her.

was thinking of adopting one for awhile & she looked like one of my previous cats ref :

Dee said...

OMG!!!! She looks just like my Zoey!! I can't believe it! I don't have a Persian but an Egyptian cat! Kim, I swear that could be Zoey perched on your couch!

Kim said...

LOL Dee ! She's not Egyptian !

She's a mixed Persian & Siamese.

She's made our household truly international !

The traditional Egyptian Mau cat is tabbyish with a very prominent M between their eyes. They are extremely feral (since they are normally roaming the streets) and quite difficult to domesticate. I got tired of waiting for the female stray mau whom I feed to deliver (so I could get a kitten at a young age & domesticate it)

This was the easier option.

More on Mau Cats in my previous blog post

Bacardi is also frighteningly similar to a cat of mine that died last year - Angel

vagabondblogger said...

I've been feeding several Mau's and Mau mixes and posted a blog on them. I was going to do an update, as the mom has been bringing her little kittens over to eat now. She's extremely protective, but steadily giving them more independence. Beautiful cats. I'm a dog person, with a pup on order in the States, and may take on a cat eventually. If I did, it would definately be an Egyptian Mau or Mau mix - I've just heard so many great things about them.

Kim said...

I had originally hope to get a Mau cat myself. But at this stage, I just did not have the time to train a kitten from the basics.

Living in a rented house with rented accommodation, it wouldn't be fair to my landlady's furniture :)

Mau's have shorter hair & are much better suited to Cairo's temperature. They are hardier and can be fed anything from household scraps.

The good thing with getting this little munchkin is that she is pre-trained, toilet trained & used to being alone in the house all day without venting her irritation on the furniture.

Negatives : loads of shedding white hair & her slow fur colouring to grey (she's not growing old, its the dust) which I need to wash ever so often

Dee said...

So Zoey is part Persian. The Pet Shop owner was a little miffed when I refused to believe him. And yeah my laptop is covered by Zoey's white hair which is why she is not allowed on my bed. Lets see how long I manage to stand against her.

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