Monday, September 17, 2007

Maadi Fruit (& Vegetable) Paradise

An Amazing fruit & veggie shop in the middle of Road no. 9 in Maadi. Right before Jared's bagels, on the right hand side when you are moving in the direction of traffic on that street.

He stocks fresh vegetables, even when the rest of the supermarket clan are selling almost dessicated or pulped versions in their stores.

He stocks avocados, prunes, mushrooms, thai birds eye chillies (very similar to the Indian green chilli), cauliflowers (when you can't see them anywhere else in town) baby carrots and lots of other fruits & vegetables that can't be found at any other market in town.

He does sell his fresh produce at a premium, but until I can find someone giving me comparable quality at lower price, I'm still gonna travel to Maadi once or twice a month to pick up my stocks of green chillies


vagabondblogger said...

I've seen some of the Road 9 vege guys working at the KIMO Market vegetable stand too, occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Kim, this is very good info - being SE Asian, life is dull without chilli. I'm going to make a trip this weekend - wonder if they also have pak choi, bean sprout, snow peas and the like for a quick stir fry. o well, will just have to go and find out. Any opening hours, btw? I presumed early morning is the best time? Thanks a lot, Y -6th Oct

Kim said...

Alas. The Thai birds eye chillies are no longer available. I think an expat was growing them in her house and offloading her extra stock to this guy. She seems to have moved away, the last 3 months I couldn't get chillies from him.

But he does have vegetables that aren't available in other parts of Cairo or are out of season. Baby corn, asparagus, avocados, blueberries, cauliflower (very difficult to find in Cairo right now)

The only chillies easily available in Cairo that are even semi spicy are the Mexican ones. They look like jalapenos. They are reasonably spicy and are ok, if you are grinding them up. They can give the same bite as small chillies if used in larger quantities.

He does have bean sprouts and snow peas sometimes. Another place you can check if you are going to Maadi is Kimo market and Miriams supermarket.

There are a couple of vegetable vendors on road 9. The guy I wrote about is my favourite. But the others are worth checking out too.

For bak choy, I have eaten it in Bua Khao in Maadi, maybe you can check with them where it is available from.

Gaya restaurants in Maadi serve Korean food and sell some ingredients of Korean cooking that are hard to find in Egypt. I'm not sure about the similarity of ingredients with Indonesian cooking, but maybe you can find something you can use.

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