Friday, December 01, 2006

Cats at my door

From the time we moved into our new house, I've noticed a couple of cats around the building. They are quite timid when it comes to human contact. They are used to being driven away & not used to being petted. So they keep their distance.

But for the last couple of days, since the cold set in, I often open my front door to find one cat or another snuggled on my doormat. I like cats & don't mind them borrowing the mat, but the moment I open the door they tend to run away.

But today, there were 4 of them together & they just seemed more confident & kept looking at me curiously as they let me click their pictures. Here r some of them.

Reminded me of the little kittens I left behind when we left home. They were hardly 2 weeks old when I left & had just about opened their eyes. They were identical triplets as you can see. They were so tiny, they fit in the palms of our hands.

And my sisters Darling "Angel" who died in our arms, after an unfortunate accident. I haven't been able to put his pictures up so far. We miss him too much. He was such a sweetheart.


Anuja said...

awww! they're so beautiful! never realised u were a cat person ... have the strays become friendly to you by now?

Kim said...

I'm an animal person. Love cats & dogs & birds & the whole gamut.
Get it from nana who has nursed tons of injured animals including peacocks, deer & monkeys back to health (on the estates)

The strays r eating the food I give them, but no success in petting them yet. Stray cats in Egypt r very afraid of human contact because 99.9% of it has been unpleasant to them. Except the stray cats in tourist gardens near the cafetarias/restaurants. These cats r used to human contact with tourists & will actually eat from the palm of your hand.

Manisha said...

Watch out for rabies if they are stray. My sister and her family went through a huge scare in Bombay several years ago. The kids found a stray kitten and adopted her. Then a parent found out and took the kitten to a vet and she had rabies. At least 20 children had to be given rabies shots and there were several complications because some of them were very young.

Take care!

Kim said...

thats y ive taken my anti rabies shots b4 coming here. I know i cant resist touching cats dogs & their young ones.

but thanks for the heads up

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