Saturday, December 02, 2006

AUC Bookstore Sale : 2-4 Dec

AUC bookstore is having its sale. From 2-4 Dec. There's a minimum 20% discount on every book that they have & upto 60% on some books. The larger sale is on the grounds outside the bookshop. But eveything inside the bookshop is also on a 20% discount.

The bookshop timings are 9am to 6pm, I'm assuming that the sale timings are also the same.

As most of you already know, AUC bookshop has a huge collection of books in English, many of which they print themselves at the AUC Press.

Remember you need some photo id to enter the AUC campus.

Tip of the Day : You can buy an AUC bookstore membership card for 50LE. This will give you a 10% discount on your purchases. (I think its valid for at least a year. Worth the expense if you plan to buy more than 500LE worth of boks from them.

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