Monday, December 04, 2006

Home Delivery of Food in Cairo

Theres this absolutely BRILLIANT site to use for home delivery of anything & everything in Egypt.

They have an almost entire list of restaurants that do home delivery area wise.
Click on the restaurant, it takes u to the menu where u can order as many items u want. (prices displayed)
once u r done it takes u to your order page which shows what u have ordered, u can edit at this page, u can also put in an special requests here itemwise. For eg : extra spicy, no eggs etc.

Someone from the site will then call you (or contact u on msn - yr choice) to confirm your order.

They then forward your order to the concerned restaurant & voila in 45 mins your food arrives home.

Registration on the site is necessary to avail of the service, but it is free. Home delivery charge depends on the restaurant policy. Ordering through the site is free. Plus some restaurants offer a discount while ordering on the site.

The address is

Entirely in English.

An absolute life saver, if like me you find it difficult to communicate over the phone with the phone operators because of different accents.

What used to take me 3-5 repetitions of an item is now just a tick mark away :)

Very efficient, very neat.

You can order tons of other stuff too from

You can buy CD's, rent cars, souveniers, jewellry & even book travel packages. So why haven't you clicked on the link yet ?

Also visited CSA today. The Garden Bazaar was on. Its really comprehensive & much better than the Asian Diplomatic Wives Association Bazaar I attended the other day. I will definitely be back on the 10th for their Christmas Bazaar.


Cairogal said...

What a great service!!! Wish they had that when I lived there.

Eagle said...

you can also use its pretty easier

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