Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Its Raining, its Pouring

Its been raining in Cairo, a little yesterday & some today.

I thought I had seen all kinds of seasons & weather, but this is new for me :

Rain in Winter ???

This was supposed to be some of the heaviest rainfall Cairo has ever received. But it was just a little more than a light drizzle for us Mumbaikars. It rained around 0.08 inches by some estimates.


Cairogal said...

Don't wear white on the days it rains! I remember the first time i saw black droplets on my t-shirt. [shudder]

Kim said...

I wouldn't do that. I stay safely tucked inside the house with my laptop & a mug of steaming tea.

My problems start when the rain stopes, when I have to go & clear the water off the balconies LOL

Cairogal said...

LOL. You'd think rain made things CLEANER in Egypt, not dirtier!!! Well, ok, the plants and trees look a bit less dusty.

Narayan said...

Rain in Winter is common in Mediterrenean places ... The typical climate is warm dry summers and cool/ cold wet winters.

Have fun in the "heavy rainfall" ... you must miss the July 26 type Mumbai showers...(nee deluge)

SP said...

OMG - that's so true - as a fellow Bombay girl in Cairo, I always find the rain here so piddly and yet so homey (you know, the smell of wet roads...)

Anonymous said...

rain rain Come

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