Thursday, November 30, 2006

Friends New & Old

Got back in touch with an old friend of mine from college days (they seem so far ago) Ria is now in the USA & makes the most beautiful artificial flowers & arrangements. Her company is called St Judes Creations

Her website is worth looking at, even if you aren't planning on ordering any flowers any time soon. They are truly beautiful. As a sample, I am pasting one here below

and a beautiful bridal bouquet

For orders email at : - with number of flowers required, type, color and the date by which you would like them.

Ria is so good, her paper flowers have been used in the movie The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins !

If you are having trouble loading the website, you can also check out Ria's Blog

Also made a new friend today. Sasha, thanks so much for all the help & for showing me around Maadi & showing me where I could buy stuff & all the advice on which brands to buy & from where. That little list you made me on prices of fruits & vegetables was so thoughtful. Thanks again & Au Revoir

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Anonymous said...

Thanks kimi for the compliments and the link! nice to get back in touch with you again...

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