Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Xmas / Christmas decorations in Cairo

For anyone looking for xmas decorations. Spinneys in City Stars mall had a better range, at better rates than Carre Four. I haven't checked out Maadi yet. But of the lot that I have seen, Spinneys was the best.

If you do go to City Stars mall to buy xmas decorations, theres a shop called Bashayer Style in the Khan El Khalili section on the 4th Floor, which has these hand blown glass balls for hanging on the tree. They are 5 LE each. The painted ones are more expensive. But a nice "local craft" touch to your tree. They even have a tree completely decorated with bedouin woven decorations. (not strictly xmas decorations but they are colorful & look good on the tree.

From what I have heard, the Christmas Bazaars are a good place to pick up decorations. To know where these Christmas Bazaars are hapenning sign up to or


Anonymous said...

The Cairo American College (CAC) in Maadi puts on a fabulous sale: lots of handcrafted items, and you can really shop with a conscience. Be careful with whatever Christmas lights you end up buying: I had several near-fires. If they're cheap, there's a good reason for it!

Kim said...

Cairogal, any idea when this would b ?

btw what is yr blog address ? when i click on yr name it doesn't take me anywhere :(

Anonymous said...

HEre's the web site for CSA in Maadi. They can be a great source of happenings around Cairo.

Here's the British equivalent:

It's weird my name doesn't take you anywhere-crazy blogger! Here's my address:

And if I could guess when the Christmas/Holiday Bazarr is, I would say within the week, but I'll do some asking around to see for sure.

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