Sunday, November 12, 2006

Days of the Week

My days of the week are all completely messed up from what used to be normal.

Friday is the compulsory off. Making it like a Sunday.
Saturday is an optional off so it remains a Saturday.
Sunday is back to work so its like a Monday but the appropriate phrase would be Sunday morning blues (never ever thought I would suffer from that !)
But Sunday is also the day, family back home comes online, so at least I get to talk to them & envy their holiday lunches & dinners.

Thursday is like a Friday. & the rest of the days just blend into each other.

If you are looking for the Arabic Equivalents here they are :
Sunday = al-Ahad
Monday = al-Ithnein
Tuesday = al-Thulatha
Wednesday = al-Irba'a
Thursday = el-Khamis
Friday = el-Gum'a
Saturday = el-Sabt

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