Saturday, November 04, 2006

My landlady is a Sweetheart

My landlady is such a sweetheart compared to the other landlords & ladies we have been dealing with for the guest houses.

She is really scrubbing the entire house clean & has done all the other changes that we requested. Then on her own she is retiling a part of the roof (from the terrace) which might affect 2 of the rooms on the floor we will be living in. (We have taken the penthouse duplex) She agreed to everything we wanted & she brought the rent down to suit our budget. Plus she has now gone and bought fire extinguishers for the house on her own.

After a quick visit to the house I went to pick up some flowers for someone who was sick. Bouquets here cost onwards of 20 LE. Some really pretty flowers & boquet arrangements are available here. Although you dont really get rose buds but fully bloomed flowers. I'm assuming this is because the flowers have to be shipped in from some other continent. But they do wrap them up beautifully & set them in some beautiful fancy jars which no one could throw out ever, since you can keep reusing them to display flowers in your home.

They also have a fantastic selection of dried flower arrangements in all colors which are pretty reasonable too. Flower shops are easily available & not too much bargaining is necessary. Unlike Bombay where u can get the price down to half the originally quoted one. Didnt click pictures since I hadnt carried the camera. But will definitely display pictures at a later date. Also will upload more pics on my blogs once I get my broadband connection since uploading on a dial up is a royal pain.


Cairogal said...

You might be the first person to say his/her Egyptian landlady/landlord is a sweetheart! ;-)

Enjoying the blog. Think the Cairo Times link is old (I thought they stopped printing a couple years back). Can't wait to see more pics!

Kim said...

well, I've interacted with another landlord & landlady of my husbands office guesthouses Plus I've spoken to some friends in Cairo who are renting & I met a lot more landlords&ladies on our house hunt (we saw over 45 houses)

My landlady is a real sweetheart. & I just had to write her a tribute. :) Jihan if u ever read this : You are simply the sweetest :)

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