Monday, March 31, 2008

Egypt Railways Timetables + Abela Sleeping Train

There is an extremely accurate site run by the Egyptian Railways with timings and classes and fares information for the Egyptian rail, train & Metro System.

It also has maps :)

&. its available in ENGLISH too!

Although this site does cover the sleeping trains (Cairo-Luxor-Aswan), those trains as I understand are run by a different company called Abela.

You can access that site directly at

Advice on the Sleeping train : The one from Cairo is good. Very comfortable. The journey back to Cairo from either Luxor or Aswan is not the best. The train tends to jerk quite badly and you feel you are being thrown off your bunk. This is not just personal experience but from
the experience of over 20 friends.

Otherwise its a great experience. Expats/ tourists need a copy of their passports and 60$ in cash per journey to book tickets at Ramses station. The train takes off and arrives at Giza station - note this is very different and far away from Ramses station.

There are little coupes for 2 with bunk beds. A sink in your coupe. 4 common loos for the bogey. You get served dinner and breakfast on the train. While booking you can request a vegetarian meal too. There is a club car which serves alcohol and parties the whole night. How rocking it will be depends on the crowd on board the train with you.


Stacy said...

great blog!!

I know you posted this a while ago, but do you know where I can find the most updated contact information for Abela?

I went to both of the sites you posted, and I've been searching online for a while now, but I keep finding several different numbers and email addresses that don't work.

I'm heading to egypt in about a week...
could you help me out?


Kim said...

Thanks stacy,

Their official website is

so I'm guessing the contact info on that page should be the most reliable?

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