Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Day Itinerary for Alexandria

Given the number of visitors I have had in the last 6 months, and most of them wanting to visit Alexandria in a day, this is the itinerary I recommend for them.

If driving to Alex : stop midway at Master for breakfast (very good hot dogs)

In Alex, start with Catacombs, Pompeiis pillar (can see it just from outside, if you are in a hurry - don't bother buying a ticket here), Roman Theatre (+villa of the birds - wonderful ceramic work) - this completes the Graeco Roman ruins.

Quaitbay Fort - from outside (don't bother going in its very tiny & not worth it) walk on the promenade near Quaitbay. (also the spot of the ancient light house of Pharos)

Sea Food lunch at Abu Ashraf or any of the little joints within the fish market area. (very close to Quaitbay fort area)

al Mursi mosque (extremely beautful interiors, second in Egypt only to the Mohammed Ali mosque in the Citael in my opinion) - pre or post lunch depending on hunger.

Bibliotheca Alexandria - they have guided tours every half hour to cover the basics - you can still wander about after that. They have a mini graeco roman museum one flight down. Nice bookshop too.

coffee/ tea on the sea side, wade in the beach.

Drive back to Cairo

Its a one day program start at 7am, home by 10pm.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ki

Thanks your excellent blog and itinery - which I will follow in Alex.


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