Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Highly Recommended : Gourmet Egypt

I've ordered off the website of Gourmet Egypt a couple of times.

They are a company that originally stating importing high quality meat and sea food to supply to the top restaurants of Egypt. But somewhere down the line, they realised that even regular citizens and expats would like to be able to buy this high quality protein. Thus started Gourmet Egypt.

The beef and lamb are top quality from Australia. I've ordered their meat and seafood pretty often. Meat is clean and low on fat. The seafood is delivered cleaned. The boneless crab meat is my favourite.

They have some ready to eat pies. I haven't tried them yet. But there are some of them sitting in my freezer and I will update what I think about them when I get around to heating them.

The 1kg New Zealand mussels arrive about 40 in a pack on the half shell. They were supplying this much before the occasional box found its way into some of the Hypermarkets. (This needs a bit of cleaning, if you plan to serve them in the shell)

They offer a lot of Sushi quality fish and cleaned shrimps!

The working of the service is pretty simple and straightforward.

You order off their English website. There's a 5Le delivery charge. You can specify any time constraints you have for home delivery. I have normally received my deliveries the next day itself and always within the time window that I have specified.

They have just last week opened their on ground store in Maadi near the Carre Four mall. It would be worth checking out if you are going that way.

I still love the Home delivery service though.


Wangbu said...

Seems tasty.
You have a very interesting blog. Believe me, I like it.

Kim said...

Thanks Wangbu :)

appreciation is always welcome

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