Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Egypt's hash crisis?

I wouldn't think that lack of availability of an illegal substance could be termed a crisis. But this writer seems to think so and has a perspective on the issue.

Max Strasser on The Faster Times

He sums his article up by saying "Life is difficult for most people here. Let them get stoned." - and that's not in the Biblical/Quranical sense :)


Forest Parks said...

Ha ha,

I do smell a lot of hash when out and about in this city.

It was an interesting article, maybe they should just legalize it and take taxes from it if it's any bother to them.


equivocus said...

If you have seen the movie "Farah", you can find out that during the "Shaabiya weeding" HASHISH is one of the most important attributes!
It was really interesting article, thanks,. i am gonna re-post it in my blog/

Tarek said...

If you don't mind, I've quoted your post here

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