Monday, April 12, 2010

Egyptian T-shirts

A lot of visitors to Egypt actively look to pick up t-shirts that can be identified as Egyptian. As souvenirs, as a keepsake, or as a reminder that "I was here!".

Yet, a lot of them go back empty handed. There are cheap t-shirts available all over the khan, but they mostly focus on generic Pharonic prints and designs and most of the time, the printing/embroidery quality isn't even good. So once you are back home, and the shopping euphoria has abated, you find that you can barely wear them to the beach a couple of times before discarding them or using them as rags.

There are very very few options available if one is looking for custom t-shirts with Arabic script for example or humor tshirts.

There are the occasional stores like Zafir in Zamalek and slim pickings at Oum al Dunia, Fair Trade Center and the store at All Saints Cathedral.

I was just thinking, that it would make so much sense for a couple of smart locals to get together and produce Egypt tshirts in a variety of colours, prints, designs and cuts. There is such a large market for it (especially given the volume of tourism), that has been left largely untapped.

Any takers?


MedZag said...

I am now living in the UK, and every time I think of geting some gifts back to my fellows; secretary, supervisor, etc,.. . I find very cheap mterials which is not durable.

that would be a very smart idea to put in the market.

Thank you,

Iris said...

I totally agree! I would love to find tshirts with Arabic script, etc. or at least something that doesn't contain a King Tut's mask.

Erin Owen said...

Actually you may have realized that Mobacco has started producing some Egypt-themed shirts. They're not too bad although I wish they would come out with some new designs.

You might want to check it out.


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