Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Expat Focus awards this blog - Recommended Website for Egypt

Close on the heels of the the last recognition this blog got, I have now received another excellent piece of news.

The Expat Focus Website has given this blog, the award of "Recommended Website for Egypt"

Expat Focus Recommended Website

Their website states that:

The Expat Focus Recommended Website Award is only given to outstanding expat websites which meet the following minimum criteria:

- Usefulness: Whether it's a fact packed, well known expat portal or a small personal blog, the website provides information which others moving to or living in a foreign country would find useful.
- Integrity: We only recommend honest, responsible sites. We will not recommend any site which would be in breach of our own Acceptable Use Policy

- Activity: Sites which are updated frequently or have active forums.

- Free: We do not recommend sites which require paid subscriptions or membership fees.

You can see that this particular blog has been awarded here.

Again thank you so much to each and everyone of my readers.


Forest Parks said...

Kim that is awesome :), you do have a very useful awesome blog here.



Kim said...

Thanks Forest :)

Rachel said...

COngrats Kim! Would you be interested in writing a guest post on my blog for women travelers, www.pinkpangea.com? It would be great if you could send a photo of yourself in Egypt, and write about your experience and helpful information for other women who want to travel there. You can email me at rachel@pinkpangea.com.



Anonymous said...

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Cluelessincairo said...

A very well deserved award and a great blog. I have been reading your posts prior to my move to Cairo two years ago, and will continue to do so no doubt even after I leave Egypt! Thank you.

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