Monday, January 31, 2011

Personal Experience No 1 - An Indian friend who left Cairo this morning


I was in Cairo until today morning - I am touched by what I saw and experienced - never ever before have I seen, heard or read about such a mass scale revolution in such absolute PEACE.

Violent reaction if any was only against police and its property or National Democratic Party (NDP), that too only after the police confronted them. Incidences of looting as reported – were only by criminals who escaped from jails or reportedly orchestered  by the state security to divert the people – not by any section of the public.

At night people secured the neighborhood in total harmony – I had no fear moving along with them at night and organizing tea and cookies for them.

I left Egypt not out of any fear or anxiety – but only because work is stopped – felt very safe at all times.

I saw Egypt as one united nation across all classes, which I shall never forget in my life and I SALUTE all Egyptians for this.


Anonymous said...

May I share this as FB note?

Kim said...

Go ahead. The positive stories must reach more people

Kleurrijk said...

I will use it also.
Thank you

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