Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An appeal to the US government for the people of Egypt.

This is a petition thats doing the rounds on the internet.

If you are an US citizen and feel strongly, you may want to mail your representatives:


PLEASE SPREAD AS FAR AND WIDE AS YOU CAN! including to press and politicians if possible. Thank you.

Freedom, democracy, and self-determination are the main tenets of U.S. foreign policy and are used to justify our actions around the world. We zealously preach these concepts and yet now when confronted by a people forging their own path to achieve these goals our leaders are cowering on their soap boxes with their lips sealed. Silence is tantamount to consent. We teach our children that they must not stand for the abuse of others, that they must advocate for what is right, so why does our government keep quiet? The Egyptian people do not need foreign approval in order to achieve their revolution, but they want it. They want the world to recognize that what they are fighting for is their right as a nation to free themselves of an oppressive and corrupt dictator.

      The U.S. government needs to stop this hypocrisy and declare its support of the Egyptian people in their attempt at peaceful reform. The illegitimacy of Hosni Mubarak's regime is clear and if there was ever any doubt about the nature of his rule being oppressive and terrorizing then the events of today have underscored this reality to an extent that the international community can no longer choose to ignore. A leader who speaks sweet nothings one evening only to send out his party members, police force and convicted criminals into the street to foment dissent and incite violence between his people should not be cosseted by foreign governments. This behavior is not only disgusting but it underlines the fact that he cannot be trusted to aid in a constructive transition. It is clear only after today's events that there is no way forward with Mubarak remaining in power, his continued presence would poison the process of rebuilding a free, fair, and democratic new government for Egypt.

      As an American living in Egypt I am dismayed by the ignorant and shortsighted response of the U.S. government to the situation. Pulling the U.S. embassy out of Cairo is an example of fear mongering and jeopardizes the safety of its citizens here and our country's relationship with the Egypt to come. The statements thus far by our leaders have been completely devoid of meaning for the Egyptian people and have yielded only confusion, frustration and disbelief. I implore my government to dispel its unfounded fear and act as we would teach our children to.

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