Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Some on the ground blogs and photos from the #Jan25 days in Egypt

I am currently not in Cairo, but have plenty fo friends still there. Some have evacuated, some are staying back.

I'm linking to blogs and photos taken during these days by people I know in Cairo. I'll also be posting personal testimonies once I get individual permissions.

Women of Egypt are also standing up and participating.

The Best Egypt Protest Signs From Around The World


Pictures from Alexandria - Scroll to the end of the album.

A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt To clear up misconceptions, this is a good read, ignore the swearing and there's some good stuff in there.

Why it is wrong to believe a word Mubarak said Some sound logic here with legal knowledge.

Neighborhood patrols defend a Cairo in flux - How "ordinary" citizens are protecting their families and property.

Clueless in Cairo by Nicholas Kristof

The Road to Grad School has a daily diary up. Katie has been writing it daily and uploading her posts when the internet is up.

Sam On Earth resurrects his blog.

Egypt: A New Spirit of National Pride - The most awesome video on Egypt I have seen in the last few days. For someone who hasn't lived in Egypt, you will have no idea how monumental the change in attitude is, but you will still appreciate this video

Heather has a few videos up on youtube

Online Petitions:
Click here to stand with the Egyptian protesters

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