Friday, February 11, 2011

Alf Mabrook Ya Misr - Congratulations Egypt!

I never thought I would live to see this day.

I am absolutely deliriously happy.

My kudos to my brave friends who have been at Tahrir square everyday, those who have been conducting neighbourhood watches, those who have been operating medical camps, rallying people, but all the time been peaceful, even in the face of vioplence from State sponsored thugs and hoodlums!

Hopefully a wonderful new positive Egypt will soon emerge with power to the people!

I am not suprised with the car honking and fireworks as being aired on tv :D

I miss Egypt all the more now, really wish I was there right now and able to feel that positive energy.

At this time, I also think that it is important to remember and pray for the martyrs of this revolution that was completely peaceful by the people - Unfortunately the outgoing dictator did not have the same commitment to peace or the welfare of its people at heart.

May you be blessed for your strength and courage. May you get the wonderful government that you deserve!


Pobierowo Tom said...

Egypt will never be the same! Everything will change! It's a great moment for the people of Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Computer logic in the Facebook/Twitter/Youtube age:

Totalitarianism = Total information control
Modern world <> Total information control
Totalitarianism + Modern world = ERROR ERROR ERROR - Buffer overflow, people at the square overflow :)
Press any key to continue...

Its Me said...

It's a great moment for Egyptians and for everyone else in the world who has fought tyranny and for those who will now fight it. Egypt has begun a new era, one which will change the face of the world in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Great victory for the Egyptian people: the whole world is happy for them. Hopefully the rest of the Arabs realize what they're capable of now.

But this is just the start. The Egyptian public needs to ensure that their new government is truly of the people and for the people. The regime is still around, and the people need to make sure there is no Mubarak Mk II.

browsingmanatee said...

Heartfelt post. Have you read this interview with Egypt expert Humphrey Davies on Egyptian writing?

He picks five must-read books to understand the context of the current revolution, and says of journalists reporting the events in Cairo: "they don’t get it because ... they don’t ever bother to try and get inside the Islamist world view and see what that is."

Rain_Drops said...

What's amazing in the post is how people from different cultures can be united :) those who were in Tahrir square were the best of Egypt, I hope in the end this revolution won't be taken over by ignorants and extremists :)

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