Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Detailed Processes for getting Egyptian papers

My friend Allison has a lovely blog http://rassudrsinai.blogspot.com/ She has recently gone through the process of getting her Egyptian papers in order and has blogged about it.

I'm linking to the processes here:

Acquiring Egyptian citizenship for an expat spouse of an Egyptian.

Acquiring Egyptian ID & Passport (after acquiring citizenship)

Acquiring Egyptian ID with surname changed to husbands

Acquiring Egyptian Birth Certificate for foreign nationals

Acquring copy of Criminal Record -Feesh wa Tashbee

Hope this can help


harleygypsy2003 said...

great info, love learning of other cultures. i have had meals india style, as i have many indi friends here in us, but this is great blog for egyptian bellydance student. helps to understand the people and customs,thanks,gypsy

0carina said...

Thanks for sharing this! The info is priceless!

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