Thursday, July 24, 2008

Disney on Ice

A combination of circumstances meant I wasn't able to attend the "Disney on Ice" show last summer. But after being reassured by friends with kids that the show was as much fun for adults as it was for kids, I managed to catch the last show of this year on the 23rd.

The Disney on Ice show has been coming to Egypt since a couple of years and has been qite a success as they put on a different show each year. This year was built around a family adventure for the Incredibles (who visited Disney Land)

Although reported that tickets would be sold at LinkDOTnet Customer Service Offices in Cairo, I found that wasn't true on a wasted trip to their Dokki office.

The Disney on Ice, Egypt print advertisements and website assured an online booking at Fortunately it was a Cash on Delivery Deal, because the tickets from this mode, never arrived, even 3 days after the show that we had made bookings for.

In the end, it was quite easy to get tickets at the location itself, even though we just turned up a couple of hours before the show. and the stadium wasn't anywhere near even 50% occupied.

With 100LE tickets, we were some distance away from the rink but had a pretty decent view nonetheless.

The tickets said gates would close half an hour before the show was to start. This was a good marketing trick to get parents in with their kids and push them into buying overpriced Popcorn (10/25Le for small boxes) and cotton candy (20LE for 4 balls) The extra price could be for the Disney branded packaging but the popcorn was salty and not worth it. The Cotton Candy was good and it was thoughtful of them to include a wet wipe t the bottom of the packet. That was really neat, practical and great consumer insight.

The Show itself was awesome. The performers were flawless in all their synchronised pieces. There were shades of High School Musical in the opening Sequence. there were some outstanding performers in the lead roles which made it a very enjoyable couple of hours.

The Stadium was comfortable and at a good temperature. So no issues on that front. The only problem here was that seats weren't pre-allotted, so there was a lot of pushing and shoving to get inside. But once we got in, things were fine.

Below are some of the pictures I took which haven't come out great because of the distance from the stage and the constant movement. But it gives a flavour of what to expect.

Next years theme is "High School Musical" which should draw in the teenage audience too.


Anonymous said...

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Shakira said...

I honestly agree, I love reading your blog. Although I am quite jealous that I missed out on Disney on Ice, would you consider making an events page? Whenever you hear of cool things...keep us readers in the know? Thanks!

Kim said...

Thanks Shakira,

I already run a group to let my friends know about events in Egypt before they occur so they can get their tickets and pre-plan.

You can join either the yahoo or google groups version by sending a blank mail to or

Sign up is free and unrestricted. Posts are moderated. you can get you friends to sign up too if they like.

Hope this helps.

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