Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's been happening?

To answer the questions from my loyal readers who have been wondering where I had disappeared....

I had a house full of guests. 8 house guests for 2 weeks and 4 house guests for 4 weeks. Making it an average of 8 Indians in the house for a month with most meals being eaten at home.

So do you know what it takes to feed 8 Indians for a month?
35 cartons (35*12 bottles) of 1.5 litre water bottles
35 kilos of vegetables
25 kilos of wheat flour
16 kilos of rice
15 liters of milk
10 kilos of fruit
8 liters of oil
8 kilos of lentils (dhal)
3 kilos of tea
2 kilos of salt

and thereabouts. I have never bought so many groceries in my life!!!

So now you know what kept me busy for the last month :)


Oscar Foulkes said...

Hi Kim

Are there any online supermarkets in Egypt? We're trying to source the cost of a variety of foods in Cairo.


Kim said...

Not really and prices change regularly and acros slocations within the city.

If you have a short list of things u r looking for, let me know and I can check the next time, I am out shopping for groceries.

theadams said...

oh my... that's why i said, u should venture into a guest house bussiness or an Inn.;)

alpana said...

Hi Kim,I am new to Cairo and want to know if you get Indian spices,pickles,wheat flour in markets here.

Kim said...

Alpana, try

It will answer many of your questions.

I see that you have also found

I will just approve your membership there.

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