Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cattery/ Cat Sitting in Cairo - Cairo Animal Inn - Cairo Suzi

There is a lovely lady named Suzi who has a cattery in Maadi. I leave our cat with her when we travel.

She has an open cattery. The cats are allowed to roam around the house through the day and she only boards them at night.

The single room option is 25LE a day.

There are other options like 4 large cages in a room for 10-20 LE. These are really large cages - half the height of the room and different lengths and widths.

If it’s a long term cat sit and depending on your cats personality, she may even take the cat to her own home. (she has her own cats at her home)

If you have more than one cat, they can be boarded in the same enclosure.

You pay her 50% in advance and give her the dry food for the duration (she feeds them the wet food herself) and she has a form which she needs you to fill regarding your cats habits and other details.

She really loves cats and I feel comfortable leaving ourbaby with her when we travel away for more than 2 nights. I've been doing this since the last 2 years.

Suzy's number is +2 0100 567 0915. Her boarding facilities are called Cairo Animal Inn.

I did research a lot of catteries when I was initially searching for a boarding option for our cat 2 years ago. Most of them boarded the cats in tiny cages, that barely had space for the cat, her feeding bowls and a litter box.

Anyone who knows cat behavior, would know that they do not like their food bowls and litter boxes in proximity to each other. These cages were quite cramped.

Suzy's Cairo Animal Inn was the only place I saw that had open boarding and space.

She does occasionally board a dog or two, but away from the cats.

The cats get human contact for more than a couple of hours each day.

The money she collects, she uses to spay and neuter the stray cats in her area and get the strays medical attention when necessary.

I would highly recommend this place.


Elena, Cairo said...

I second that. Suzy is great-- kind, knowledgeable, reliable!

*~LiZa~* said...

Hi I just moved to Cairo and I am looking to get a cat and I am not sure how or where to find one I am not opposed to getting an adult but I prefer a kitten younger then 6 months... I am a veterinary technician and before I call Suzy for info I was hoping maybe you can help. thanks so much and your blogs have helped me a great amount as i had planned to do the same but no need now that i found you!

Kim said...

Thank you for your compliments Liza,

The objective of this blog of mine was to help other expats who are hampered by lack of information when they come to Egypt and it is always encouraging to hear that the blog has helped someone navigate this country.

Suzi sometimes does have little kittens who have been left with her or whose mother may have met with an accident. But it is iffy whether you will find one there or not.

If you are not particular about a breed, there are always plenty of street kittens on the road and you may help take one off the street and save its life.

My cat was going to be abandoned, if the student keeping her couldnt find someone to take her. I couldn't bear to see a house cat being left out on the dangerous streets of Cairo, so I took her in and now she is so much a part of our life. She was 2 years old when we got her, so yes it is difficult to figure out her personality or understand why certain things spook her. But we love her so much that we cannot envision life without her.

There are also a lot of foreign students around, who will alert you if a neighbourhood cat they feed has a litter, so you can get the kittens off the street before the streets can harden them.

Please don't buy a kitten from the pet shops here. Most of the pet shops I have seen, keep the animals in really pitiable conditions and shouldnt be encouraged at all.

vets around town also sometimes have people bringing motherless kittens to their clinics by concerned people who cant keep them themselves.

Hope these suggestions can help.

btw, I think you mentioned your husband was Egyptian. People who have permanent residency here sometimes do not spay/neuter their house cats. So maybe you can hear of someone in his family/friends circle who have kittens they need to give away.

aileen said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Nat said...

I am looking to get a Maine coon female cat in Sharm El Sheich. Where I could to find the list of maine coons cats catteries? Please
thank you in advance

Nour said...

OMG your blogs are the best!!!! I read them like day and night, especially the pet ones!! U R AWESOME, I SWEAR!!!! thanks sooooooo much for writing so much about cats!!! i adore cats and had one before, but she died... we've been looking for a new kitten (as young as possible, maybe around 5-6 weeks) and can't seem to find any good places. we are thinking of getting one off the weekly newspaper, but we're till not sure... do you think u could give me some advice??? I would REALLLY appreciate it!! and if you know any other places where there are good quality pet supplies, please list them for me!!! thanks a bunch!!!


PS: U ROK!!!!

Cynthia said...

I Will move to Caïro this summer for four years.
I would like to bring my own cat with me.
I tried to call Suzy from the animal inn, bit i didn't reach her.
I she still active?

Coryn Pankratz said...

Hello. I am trying to contact Suzy and the number you gave seems to be out of service. Do you happen to know an e-mail address or another phone number that I could reach her at? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The phone number posted above is wrong. there is an extra 0 at the start... in case anybody is trying to call. Booked for this summer, Suzy seems like a lovely lady! Prices are higher than before as well, as can be expected.

Anonymous said...

Suzy has cared for my cats for the last 17 years. They like being with her as she spoils them and takes time to learn their behaviour and play with them. She really understands and loves cats.

Ashraf Tawfek said...

Suzy new number 01005670915

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