Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sushi Recommendations in Cairo

Sushi is one of the few foods, that I do not like. I've tasted it in different forms and locations, but it is not something I have developed a taste for.

Hence I cannot provide a primer on the best sushi in Cairo. But my friend Mona Daoud, loves sushi and this is her list of recommendations for sushi in Cairo.

"Mori Sushi. There are two in Zamalek; one which is right before the fish gardens and the other is a branch in Sequoia (reservation essential) It tops the other branch because they serve alcohol and have a pretty view. There is also a branch in Mohandessin.
In Maadi, there is Gaya on Road 253 next to seoudi market (stick to their temaky, it's awesome)

Then there is the Makani chain (excellent fresh salmon sashimi) but their other stuff is good too. There is a branch in Maadi next to Maadi grand mall and one in Mohandessin somewhere near Syria street. I heard the one in Heliopolis was horrible. There are other branches but I have no idea where.

There is also Sapporo (Fresh and basic, no fusion, no experimentation, authentic and positively succulent) at the Sheraton in Dokki. The prices are like sushi everywhere.

(Gaya and Makani are the cheapest two in Cairo)

Jo Sushi
on Mohamed Mazhar street in Zamalek has it's on days and off days. Depends on your luck... just make sure to tell them not to use wasabi while preparing sushi for you because they mistakenly think that if they're generous with it, it will taste better.

There's also INakaYa , 6A Midan Aswan in Mohandessin. They have all you can eat nights for 90 LE on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I haven't tried them though, so I'm not sure if they're good. I only heard about them.

Asia Bar on Blue Nile (boat in Zamalek) They have amazing sushi though it's more expensive than all other places, but it's worth it.

And there's Hanami in Giza, overlooking the Nile. 70% of the time their sushi was spot on.

There's L'Asiatique in Le Pacha but I don't like their sushi.

Bon Apetit"


Sara said...

I can't believe you mentioned my favorite thing at makani! Their salmon sahimi! Yummm

Bob said...

Arrgggh You missed out the SHEBOYA in Mohandessine (behing El salaab, Midan Ahmed Samy El Sayyed). No crowd, but brilliant S.!

Jen said...

Hmm yeah I ate at Jo Sushi...there were actually some Japanese visitors there sitting next to us, which made me feel a bit less like I was grasping for something totally out of its element. You can usually trust a sushi place when Japanese people choose it over the rest!

By the way, your links have been incredibly helpful. Thanks for compiling a wonderful blog!

Kim said...

Thanks for the compliments Jen, I'm glad I could help.

Ghorab said...

I highly recommend Torii in the zamalek Marriott (they serve other Japanese food as well). They have a very nice setting, excellent service and their sushi is simply exquisite! Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays are all you can eat nights. They serve you a selection that they keep reserving as many times as you want.

The Cairene Observer said...

Even though I'm posting this almost a year after the last post, I wanted to mention a sushi place that has just closed down recently after only a month in operation.

It didn't have a name, and was located on the roof of the Um Kalthoum Hotel in Zamalek. We were the only customers that night, but the chef came to us personally for our orders and made us a sushi meal I would never forget. The price was even cheaper than Gaya and Makani, and it took a little while to prepare.

Nevertheless, it had a personal touch to it that I crave for but can't have anymore.

Anonymous said...

does anyone knows where to buy the dry seaweed use to cover the outer layer of sushi?i'm craving for that thing.thanks for help..

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