Sunday, April 19, 2009

Samir and Aly - Stationery shop - Cairo

I haven't really needed any stationery after coming to Egypt as I had a surfeit of branded pens, folders and notepads from my client companies that accompanied us during our move here. I tend to store most information on my computer though and don't use too much stationery either.

But today, we needed some canvas and we tried a couple of stationery stores in Mohandaseen. Samir & Aly was the only store among those we checked which carried canvas. Not just any canvas, they had different sizes, pre-stretched on a wooden frame.

They also carry a ton of different stuff. They have a lot of Pidilite/Fevicol products for those familiar with this Indian brand. It was interesting to see the Fevicol craft idea books in this store. The books are dual language and it was surreal to see books with Hindi script being sold in an Egyptian store. (instructions are also in English)

Any kind of pens, pencils, paint brushes are available. It seemed like you just had to think of a stationery product and it was available, including spiral binding machinery and computer printers.

One section I found really interesting was products to make miniature models of houses. Tiny lamp posts, hedges, palm trees, cars etc. I remember that earlier we had to make each of these items ourselves to use in our models. Now they are imported cheap from China :)

They have a section on childrens books and a few educational toys too.

The branch I visited was on Shehab Street in Mohandaseen. But they do have other branches across the city.

Its a one stop shop for your stationery needs.


Oldbag of Cairo said...

I love that branch of Samir & Aly (Mohandseen) - I can spend many happy hours in there stroking the stationery :D

Lovely loads of different exercise books and other things to look at.

And its also lovely and cool on a hot Cairo afternoon.

Rhonda said...

My first job was in a stationery store. I love the atmosphere. do you live in that area? I think my husband is working at a pharmacy near there. Hope you have a good week!

Soyun said...

I'd love to browsing a craft store. It is fun and exciting~

Kim said...

Brigid, if you are in the area, you should drop in for a spot of tea. I promise to keep the house cool :)

Rhonda, Yes, I'm in Mohandaseen.

Any clue on when we may see you next in Cairo?

Anonymous said...

i was intrigued the first time too with these miniatures for building houses. They explained it was mainly for architects and students when they have to make models etc.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

do they sell letter sets in this shop? i mean paper sheets with designs(like animals, flowers,...) +matching envelopes.
I collect this
please email me at

i am going to sharm el sheikh soon

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