Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Axis of Evil

Attended the less than Standing room performance of Axis of Evil at the El Sawy Centre today evening.

It was absolutely hilarious. My throat is parched, my stomach and facial muscles all ache. But its all worth it.

There were hordes of people waiting outside on The Sakkiah lawns by the time we arrived, but there were even larger hordes who had managed to get into the River Hall and secure (gasp!) seating space!

The Show consists of three comedians:

Ahmed Ahmed: Originally from Helwan, Cairo. Immigrated to the United States with his parents while he was one month old. Seen in some Hollywood movies and some TV Shows.

Aron Kader: Or Haroun. He's from a Palestenian father and Mormon mother, who really encouraged him to work as a comedian.

Maz Jobrani: Originally from Iran. Been featured in many Hollywood movies, such as The Interpreter.

Today was a 2 hour rollicking fun time. The crowd was a mix of locals & expats. Students and parents. Every demographic that you might imagine was present and every one of them found something to laugh about.

My favourite was Maz. Maybe his inspiration by marriage to an Indian wife and Persian/Asian roots made me identify more closely with his perspective. I'm still grinning at the : Persian Cat .... "Meeeeeow" : with the rubbing of the head action.

They are conducting auditions tomorrow for stand up comics at the El Sawy from 10am onwards in Arabic & English. Winner gets some kinda deal with Showtime Arabia. . . In case you are interested, just show up.

PS: will post pics once I'm through with the downloading.

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