Friday, November 30, 2007

Egyptian Geographical Society

The National Geographic Society of Egypt The ornate meeting hall within the institution

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Members of the General Geographic Conference, after visiting the Egyptian Museum, pose for a photo at its entrance

The working hours are 9 am till 2 pm.

Holiday on Thursday and Friday.

It actually has a Museum downstairs. It has some very rare collection of past things such as ElMahmal (المحمل), rare rocks, swords of the past as they were used in Egypt, etc.

It was also (at its heyday) a very well known Society in the world in which major lectures took place by major explorers.

  • It is one of the oldest non-governmental institutions in Egypt (founded 1875), second only to L'Institut d'Egypte (founded 1798)
  • It's the 9th geographical society worldwide
  • It's name has changed several times, chronicling the history of modern Egypt in the process: La Societe Khedivial de Geographie (1875-1916), La Societe Sultanieh (1917-1922), La Societe Royale de Geographie d'Egypte (1923-1953), La Societe de Geographie d'Egypte (1953- )

The above information and more can be found on the society's website :

Thanks Nihal for pointing me in this direction.

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