Thursday, November 22, 2007

Caution !!!!! The juice guy at the Khan

If you are thirsty after trekking the khan and looking for a juice, then the juice guy next to Egyptian pancakes at the Khan is MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE PLACE YOU WANT TO GO !

They are Bl&**$ scamsters !

I have always grabbed a juice there (over 20 times in the last year) with my Egyptian friends and it has never cost me more than 3LE.

I had recommended to my visiting aunts (2 weeks back) that they drink juice at his place if they felt thirsty in the area. I told them it would be about 5LE. (including the doubling of price for a tourist) The guy charged them 10LE for each lemon juice !

I thought it was some kind of mix up and ignored it.

When I went to the khan with my uncles last week, we ate at Egyptian pancakes & got the juice from the guy next door. He came back to me with a bill of 60LE for 5 lemon juice. 12 LE each ! (4 times the actual price !!!!!) He refused to see reason, even when I told him that he was charging us 4 times the price ! (To put it in perspective, a canned aerated drink in the market costs a maximum of 2.5LE, at Fishawy it costs about 5LE and at the 5star Oberoi managed Naguib Mahfouz Cafe in the same area its 10LE+tax. Most 5stars - Hilton/Sheraton/Mariott charge within 15LE for a juice inclusive of taxes)

Since the scamster doesn't have a menu, there's no way you can verify the price. 2.5$ for a lime juice on the road is too much for any tourist (even if he/she is the supposed rich American)

Fix your price with the juice guy before ordering or don't order at all. I am definitely NEVER EVER going to drink a juice there again !

PS : The pancakes guy has a menu, so there's no trouble there.


That Guy said...


u gotta respect their determination and oscar-worthy acting abilities though!! These people really do make an art out of conning. :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which pancake place?

Coleen said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous.

Kim said...

No problem.

If you head to the khan with the al Azhar mosque to your left, there are 2 main entries into the tourist part of the khan.

The first is the one at the Hussein Mosque on the right which has a lot of kebab sellers in that street, the next entry is slightly smaller and also has a couple of eating joints.

the Egyptian pancakes guy is second or third shop in that lane, on your left (there are no eateries on the right)

Hope these directions help

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