Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Meal Supplies

Its that time of the year again & lots of newcomers to Egypt are trying to find the ingredients for a nostalgic home style Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Pumpkin pie with cool whip. Sparkling cider and those little sweet gherkin pickles. Green bean casserole with those little fried onions on top. (Thanks Ruthie for getting me salivating with this concise menu)

Friends at various parties and at multiple forums are discussing where to get the best turkeys / cranberries or even a complete pre-prepared thanksgiving meal.

The following information has been collated from multiple sources.

Turkeys :
H said she saw frozen turkeys at Carrefour for about 10LE/kg. Last year she paid about LE 400 for a frozen turkey at Alfa Market. She also recommends that - if you are going to get a frozen one, buy it a few days early so you can defrost it in the fridge. The day before T-Day put it in a big bucket filled with brine and let it soak for 24 hours.

Turkeys have also been spotted at HyperOne, Spinneys and Metro mostly throughout the winter months.

S informed me about 2 lesser known options. EXPRESS is a factory that sells frozen American turkeys. During Ramadan a 14kg frozen turkey cost about 280 LE. At Express you can buy turkey breast, legs, drumsticks and frozen whole. This factory is in 10th of Ramadan city. Also in Giza somewhere near Faisal street, is the American turkey farm. She has never been there, but has heard you can buy fresh turkeys there as well.

Jean recommends making stuffing separate from the turkey. More crusty edges to it, and less cooking time for the bird.

Cranberry sauce
A recommends making it at home with Cranberry juice and some kind of gelatinous substance to get the texture right. (halal gelatin is available in Cairo in clear sheets which look like hard candy)

The jelly type of cranberry sauce is available in some of the major supermarkets but they may not have whole berries in them.

Someone mentioned that Spinney's has whole berry cranberry sauce (canned)

Pumpkin :
Canned varieties available in some of the major supermarkets

Fresh pumpkin is available everywhere.

Pie Crusts
Available in some of the major supermarkets but may not be the same quality you are used to back home. Better to make it from scratch. :)

If you would like a fully pre-cooked Thanksgiving meal, check out some of the restaurants.

The CSA is trying to organise take away boxes of Thanksgiving meals. When I last checked (4 days ago) they had not yet finalised on a supplier so no details yet.

The Deli in Maadi is offering Fresh Turkey, Carved Roasted turkey with Fried rice & mixed nuts, Canadian style Roasted Turkey and Leg of Ham. (Call Samir on 010 231 7611 or 02 2520 2117)

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Cairogal said...

Marriot Bakery in Maadi, if it's still open, also offers pre-cooked Turkey dinners.

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