Sunday, August 02, 2009

Not carrying a valid driving licence in Arabic, could land you in jail

If you plan to drive in Cairo, then make sure that you always carry a valid drivers licence in Arabic while at the wheel.

A new law has been passed / or is currently being strictly implemented, I'm not sure which.

But a non-Egyptian friend found this out the hard way when she got a call saying that her Egyptian husband had been jailed for a traffic offense. Her first reaction was that : someone had been badly hurt as a result of her husband's driving, but it seems that the infraction was a minor one: He was not carrying the international translation paper for his licence (grey coloured one with your photo in it)

He was later released when the right papers were produced, but it was a rude shock for the entire family which has never seen the inside of a jail before.

Please, if you plan to drive in Egypt, do carry all the necessary documents including a translation if you have an IDL issued in any language other than Arabic.

Stay safe, drive safe.

Someone else brought to my attention that if you are an Egyptian Resident or an Egyptian, then you need to have an Egyptian Driving License. An IDL from another (your own home) country is useless, if you are a resident here.

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