Monday, August 03, 2009

Service Apartments in Cairo

This is an idea long overdue in Cairo. I have had many friends and newbies ask for just such an option, but I did not know if one existed so far (leave me a comment, if you know of any others) The Hilton Suites does offer this, but as far as I know they are 2 bedroom suites and slightly on the higher side to rent out. (It works out cheaper to rent an apartment for long stays)

A service apartment offers the convenience of a hotel (someone else does the cleaning, changes sheets, picks up your mail etc) and a home (you can cook your own food, order home delivery from restaurants that aren't a part of the hotel et al)

You can stay for as little as a day to long stays like a year or 2. Saves you the hassle of having to handle the plumbing and electric connections which could save a large chunk of time, especially in Cairo.

The StayBridge Suites have just opened in City Stars and hopefully will emerge as a more reasonable option than the Hilton Suites.

They have 56 double bedrooms, 84 single bedrooms, 140 suites. And this is what I really appreciate: 80 non smoking rooms! So you dont have to breathe the all permeating, all intrusive stale cigarette smoke from previous occupants.

They promise a weekly Friday Barbeque for the residents. There is a laundromat on the premises where residents can do their own laundry. There is also a minimal fitness centre on the premises and for an extra charge guests can use the Health club at the Intercontinental Hotel next door. They also promise to provide free wifi in all the rooms.

Ok, I just did a dummy search on the site and turns out it isnt that cheap after all. The starting price for a single studio looks like 180$ per night + 13.44% tax + 12% service charge. And the average rate seems to be about 250$ per night + taxes. I don't remember even the 4 seasons being that expensive. hmmmm. Lets see how long they can command these prices. . .


Anonymous said...

These prices are just crazy. In the USA there are motels that allow you to stay for long periods. The room contains a small kitchen where you can cook and wash dishes, and of course a bathroom. They also have wireless internet and TV with dozens of channels. They clean the room every day and do the beds, etc. and there is a laundromat.

You can pay by the day, week, or month. And of course the longer you stay, the cheaper is the rate per day. It could cost about $700 to $800 per month, and some of them are in nice neighborhoods. This a good option for people who are visiting the USA, or people who want to temporarily stay in a place like that. Of course the rooms are small.

Anonymous said...

We've just moved to Cairo and are staying in a serviced 3 bedroom suite at the Safir in Zamalek. The staff have been very helpful and I have no complaints about our accomodation. We have a kitchen with basic facilities, 2 1/2 bathrooms, dining room and multiple living areas. There's a pool and gym in the hotel also. The only thing missing is access to a laundry. Not sure about prices as my husband's company is covering it.

Bye the way, I've been reading your blog since April and the information that I've been able to find from it has been a great help. Thanks.

Kim said...

That sounds interesting. What's the name of the place?

And thank you for the compliments. :)

Kim said...

I agree, about the prices. Completely crazy without justification. Real Estate here isnt as expensive as some other countries which offer better prices, labour is so much cheaper here and yet if you have a mid range budget, you only have very seedy places to choose from

Canadian in Egypt said...

The Residence Hotel in Maadi RD 18 also has suites. I would say 3 star, but OK. Popular for company families arriving and waiting for their chosen flat to be ready. Website is and rates seem posted rates seem high, but guess most persons have their companies paying?
No. 11, Road 18, Maadi, Cairo
Phone: +20-2-358-7189
or +20-2-358 7276
Fax: +20-2-358 7083

Kim said...

CIE: Thanks for the contacts. Hope it helps someone browsing this site.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow this is a cool blog. I love to read and learn about other cultures. Thank you for writing this blog.

Kim said...

you are welcome

Service apartment in Bangalore said...

Thank you for writing this blog,I love to read about other cultures.

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