Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Egypt, Back to Reality! - Costa Coffee

After a not so great holiday (dh's gastric problems resurfaced, but at least we got it diagnosed this time - because we were in India - identified as "erosive gastric duodenitis" - now he's on 21 days of high dosage medication and 4 months of low medication but strict diet) we returned to Egypt a day ago.

After spending a day in getting the house liveable and a lot of pending paperwork in order, headed over to Hyper One to refurbish my larder.

Also had confirmed a brunch/coffee meeting with my friends in 6th October at Costa Coffee in the same mall.

Meeting with them was great fun as usual. We googooed at the babies, congratulated the mom-to-be and had a great destressing chit-chat session.

Since it was past noon and I was hungry, I ordered a new item on their menu - "Philly Steak" Sandwich. I was expecting this : but what came to the table was a sandwich with pickles, tomato slices and luncheon meat. There was nothing Philadelphian or any steak in the sandwich!

I thought they must have got my order wrong and tried to explain to the waiter that what I wanted was a Steak sandwich and he insisted that I had received the right order. I then requested one of my friends on the other end of the table, who is fluently bilingual to explain to him in better Arabic than my pidgin version to translate. She had arrived a while before me and said that she had ordered the "Philly Steak" and had the same luncheon slice sandwich delivered and the same conversation, ending in the same result - the waiter insisting that the right order had been served.

Possible Explanations
1. Costa Coffee the UK based chain whose tagline is "Italian About Coffee" has completely messed up the recipe for the American Sandwich.
2. The Egyptian branch of Costa Coffee has messed up the recipe.
3. Today's delivery to the 6th of October, Hyper City branch was messed up at the production/labeling end.
4. The waiter/sandwich toaster made a mistake with my friends sandwich and to validate his story, he gave me the same "mistaken" sandwich.

What do you think?

If you have tried this sandwich at any of the other Costa locations, what were you served?


Roqaya said...

i haven't tried this one but I must tell you that from my experience this is the worst branch of costa.once they took my plate while I was still eating, I just put the last bite to my mouth and the plate disappeared although there were some chips on it left.

Kim said...

I hate when they do that !

Its like there's something wrong with me for wanting to eat my chips/fries last after the burger/sandwich.

They did it to me too yesterday and I had just taken a bite of my sandwich and still had a bit of it left in my plate.

Mego said...

Actually there another different Choice, Which is
AMERICANA... The Egyption Co. owning the COSTA chain (As well as
TGI, Grand cafe, KFC & Hardee's)
Has Totaly MISSED-UP all The Recipes of most products for these Chains By a Cost-effective Standardization policy.

Believe me Avoid it, you avoid the bad experience ;-)

Anonymous said...

I work at Costa Coffee and i have never seen anything like that!!

Andy said...

Not just the food that has cheap shortcuts. I got a take away pasta salad and slice of cheesecake with juice - hardly a heavy load - and just as I arrived back at my office (20 mins drive away) the bottom of the bag fell out and everything ended up on the ground. This was the branch at Carrefour. Very annoying - whole operation seems to be sub-standard.

SofiaLikes Food said...

I am a bit late but I have had the same "philly steak" sandwich which was offensive to my tastebuds and nothing like I had expected, also my friend had some kind of veggie panini only to discover the tomatoes had a "fizz" to them, that was the Ma'adi Grand Mall branch. I know what is nice in Costa, their Blueberry muffins are heavenly and the do them in mini cute parcels too! Their coffees are not the worst. So the rule to remember is Muffin and a coffee yes anything else NO (unless you want a bout of food poisoning)

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