Saturday, January 24, 2009

Royal House Supermarket, Heliopolis

I wandered into the Royal House Supermarket in Heliopolis on the advice of a friend who lives in the area.

She sold it to me by saying "its a lot like Alfa Market with the foreign goods, but at much better rates" and she was spot on.

The exterior belies the sheer size of the place. It is almost as large as Carre Four. There is a separate section for home utilities like cutlery, the big cleaning items, crystal, gift items - things I would classify as non-consumables. This is on the right when you enter.

On the left are the consumables. Food, drink and FMCG products. There is also a book shop by Dorling Kindersley, a Cinnabon cafe, a House of Donuts outlet, a radio shack, a Monginis bakery outlet among other shop-in-shops.

This is a place where you can pick up most items on your shopping list. Prices are also reasonable. I would highly recommend this over Spinneys for anyone living in the area.

Edited on 25 Jan 09 to add: Royal House is located next to former Merryland garden, between Roxy and Makhkama square at Hegaz street. (You need to take a turn and go off Hegaz street after the garden - if the garden is on your right)
Phones: 2451 4447 or 2451 4448.


The Roushdys said...

Hello Kim,
Can you please provide the address to the supermarket?
Thank you so much, your blog is very informative :-)

Kim said...

I've added it into the main article. Thanks for pointing it out.

Nada said...

its true, royal house is one of the best supermarkets around heliopolis, but as usual nothing is perfect i usually shop everything from there, but when it comes to dairies, oscar supermarket wins big time so i have to pass by oscar for all kinds of cheese, along with some fresh bakery

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