Sunday, January 04, 2009

Diapers ? for Donkeys in Egypt?

From Egypt News

Donkeys ordered to wear diapers in Egypt

Egypt News.Net
Tuesday 30th December, 2008 (IANS)

Donkeys have been banned from walking around in the streets of Egypt's southwestern al-Wadi al-Gadeed governorates without wearing diapers, an official said.

Mohammed Haround said the measure was to 'preserve the aesthetic and cultural scene of the governorate which currently witnesses an unprecedented boom in tourism'.

'Diapers are available in the markets at low prices,' Haroun was quoted by the official MENA news agency as saying Tuesday. He added that owners of the donkeys who violate this decision will be fined.

Donkeys are vital for many Egyptians since they can easily carry 20-30 percent of their body weight and are helpful in farming. Donkeys and donkey-drawn carts are a common sight in Egypt's cities and countryside.


amr.m.rezk said...

LOL, we sure do have some funny rules here in Egypt.

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