Monday, January 19, 2009

Bakery @ Flamenco Hotel

@ Golden Tulip -Flamenco Hotel

A German friend of mine, Gertrud recommended this bakery very highly for their German breads and desserts. She felt their authenticity could be credited to the fact that the GM, Mr. Groebel and his bakery chef are both Germans.

The items she recommended to me were the Brezen-stick (stangerl) and rolls and apple pie (not so sweet) and Zopf (like brioche) and the real German dark bread.

Since I was looking for Multigrain bread for my husbands strict diet, I decided to stop here and check it out.

Read my entire review n my restaurant review blog.


Roqaya said...

in front of flamenco hotel you have to visit cinnabon :-) yummy

Kim said...

Cinnabon is one of my favourites in Cairo

Cairo Typ0 said...

I just discovered this place last week. Yet another reason i wish i lived in Zamalek.

Kim said...

Isn't Zamalek lovely. I find it so beautiful and atmospheric. The traffic on the side streets is bad, but Mohandaseen ain't much better :)

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