Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Luggage

A short while ago, I wrote on Basics of Traveling - Luggage.

Cairo Typo reminded me on a point that I hadn't mentioned in my post, which is the weight of your luggage. Always check the weight of your luggage in store, because new flying regulations severely limit the weight you are allowed in your carry on baggage. And the heavier your luggage, the less you will be able to put into it.

In this post, I'd like to consider the options of Designer Luggage. Most famous designers have their own luggage lines too. We ourselves did not go extremely high end, but we did pick up a set of matching Giordano suitcases. Unfortunately in less than 6 months, the baggage handlers between Egypt and Morocco managed to break the handle of the suitcase. We do not know if it was a non-sturdy handle or the baggage handling process was bad. Getting the handle replaced in Egypt was close to impossible.

On our trip to India, we did get a new handle put in, but it couldn't match the shape and size of the original. This is one of the problems of being frequent travelers with minimal roots.

Talking about India, another tip is that with the recent attacks, airports in the country have stepped up their security and for some reason known only to them, require you to completely remove your laptop from all packaging when sending it through the hand baggage scanner. I normally put my laptop bag inside another strolley so I can include some basic toiletries and a change of clothes (we have tons of personal stories about luggage gone missing and never arriving, so everything expensive, important or which cannot be replaced is always carried in our hand baggage) I'm not sure about other countries yet, but if you are flying out of any airport in India, do keep your laptop in an easily accessible pocket, so it can be scanned separately.

Coming back to designer luggage, Hartman Luggage and Vera Bradley Luggage are very interesting brands to consider. I particularly like the Victorinox range of luggage, which I find very smart in its finish.

But what I really need now, given the weather in Egypt is a walker like my grandma used to use. The cold is killing my back and sagging sofa springs aren't helping the matter any :(

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Candace said...

love the baggage suggestions!

in the US they require you to take your laptop out, too... :(

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