Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Egyptian marriage fatwa causes stir

As you can see, I have a little time to catch up on some newspaper reading for about 24 hours and I am sharing the most interesting of the lot.

From The National Newspaper:
Dar al Iftaa, an authoritative Islamic research institute in Cairo headed by Egypt’s grand mufti, just passed a fatwa condoning a controversial form of marriage called “Misyar”, in which a bride forgoes typical premarital financial commitments from her would-be husband.

There are two sides to this argument. One being that this is a way to legalise prostitution, the other saying that this will allow some of the poorer sections of society who cannot afford the shabka and other financial requirements thrust upon them during a wedding (not living expenses) to still get married (. . . and maybe reduce some of the sexual frustration, which sometimes manifests on the roads)

Read the entire article here:

A friend also forwarded an interesting link that relates to this fatwa.
Misyaar Marriage in Saudi Arabia – What is it and Who would Want It?


*~LiZa~* said...

I am muslim and recently married in egypt and it was quite difficult for us in the sense we had to run from giza to downtown three times. anyway. i think this type of marriage is beneficial because many people that are of the poorer class can marry without problems.

i will be always here .....4 u said...

Whoa whoa ,prostitution?!..I'm not into this way of marriage ..But it is still not that awful..I would never go for it though..They are trying to put solutions for the obstacles hindering marriage..Ok this is cool..All you have to do is to tell the parents of the gals to stop making the requirements for the marriage beat booking a flight to the moon!..Our community still have the "Family" which disappeared from many communities where the kids may or may not give a call for their parents every month..On the other hand we are still here so close even at the level of aunts and uncles not merely parents,brothers and sisters..Just drop these requirements and the loads of unaffordable stuff and trust my word this what Islam asks for..And what the parents ask for are just traditions trap us all! ..And regarding the sexual frustration ,please don't let bunch of morons ashame us the guys..You can run into them anywhere around the world you know..Don't you agree with me that we have the lowest cases of molesting ,robbery and this stuff?Don't you feel safe while you are walking in Cairo streets past midnight?

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