Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Galabeyya to become National Dress of Egypt?

Egyptian MP Mustapha al-Gindy wants the Galabeya to be recognised as Egypt's National Dress.

"In Egypt, if you wear a galabeyya, you might find yourself barred from 70% of public places. This is both unconstitutional and inhuman."

. . . What he calls "the war against the galabeyya" has resulted in other costumes coming to prominence and he believes threatening the national identity. . .

. . . And he wants Egyptians to wear their own national galabeyya with pride when they travel abroad, instead of adopting the local variations.

While some MPs wear the galabeyya in the Majlis or parliament, Mr Gindy says you will only see Saudi tourists in their national dress at places such as the opera house or up-market hotels. . .

Read the Entire article on BBC.

It will be interesting to see how he plans to go about getting the Galabeyya its National Status and even more interesting to see what happens once it gets national status.

I know of restaurants that have a No-Galabeyya policy and deny entry to those males dressed in this ankle length gown. (Most of the restaurants that have this policy also serve alcohol and also try to restrict entry to veiled women - purportedly to not offend the religious sentiments of those who are seen as being more religious - simply by virtue of their clothing)

Would they be able to deny entry to those clad in galabeyyas, once it is declared the national dress?

In my home country India, men wearing the traditional dress of a dhothi, a lungi, a mundu, or sometimes even kurta pyjama are denied entry into certain settings, even though these items of clothing are worn by members of parliament when they go about their political meetings. Women's Traditional dresses, on the other hand, are still commonly worn and have never been used as an excuse for denying them entry anywhere.

It will be interesting to see how this progresses.


Marwa Rakha said...

i will be always here .....4 u said...

You know what?Although I'm Egyptian and heel over head in love with country,I don't have a cut edge opinion in this ..Is galbya my national clothing ?Really ?..Why don't you think of the clothes of the pharoes ?more national I guess!..I really don't know..But you know I think the idea of banning males in galabya from accessing such places came from the fact that these men are mostly villagers which mean they are mostly poorer! ..But trust my word owners of these places don't care !It is just SOLELY business..On the other hand veiled woman means some undesired neural association with extremism and this stuff so lets keep our business runing and the same incorporation may build another restaurant and names it "Only for veiled women"(grin).

Kim said...

its always interesting to hear what locals have to say about topics like these as it unfailingly provokes emotional responses

i will be always here .....4 u said...

You are welcome..By the way I like to share with you this piece of info about locals..When we youth say to each other someone is local this means he is not a good person maybe mean or something like don't know how this word was developed like that among us.

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