Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to use a squat toilet

A lot of Western visitors arriving in Egypt are confronted with squat toilets for the first time in their lives.

For someone who has never seen one, much less used one, it is quite a challenge to figure out how to use the hole in the floor, which may be the only option at some of the tourist and remote locations or even while camping in the desert.

This video is quite instructional without being obscene.

Do note that in Egypt most squat toilets will be private and there are no pigs left in the country if newspaper reports are to be believed {grin}

Don't feel bad that you need to view an instuctional video to use a squat.

Even Japanese children need to be taught this today

and sometimes even a reverse training may be necessary.


Noblese said...

You know, when I visited Egypt a couple of years ago I needed to go to the wc in the airport. And what did I find ... one of those squat toilets. I thought to myself, what a shame, what would the tourists think visiting Egypt. Even in the airport?!
I didn't go in and waited for another wc with a european like toilet.

0carina said...

hhahahaahahah this is hilarious! And I guess instructive too for those who have no clue about how to use one, even though common sens should be enough to fill the gap. Hungry pigs? Under a toilet???????? *horrified look*

Kim said...

Egypt or anywhere else, Its more hygenic to use a squat toilet because then your skin isnt touching anything that someone else's skin has come in contact with :)

Kim said...

The hungry pigs horrified me too, but I couldn't splice the video myself.

Everything else is good advice

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. It has helped one dumb westerner :-). Don't have one about the hose do you? Although I've got the general idea, the logistics of the hose and clothes still has this reader stumped!

Kim said...


Let me see if I can find one of those.

Do you mean the one that is attached to the inside of the toilet?

I would never use that, its too unhygenic especially the protruding ones in public toilets.

The detatched hose on the side of the toilet? I'd look at general cleanliness of the overall toilet facilites before using it, else I'd just stick to toilet paper carried in my purse :)

Jack said...

I've been to Egypt and as much as I loved it, I did not see one squatting toilet - not even in any really poor areas!

Kim said...

Jack a lot of the womens toilets are squat toilets. They do have the WC option in most locations, but even in places like the pyramids and Abu simbel, I did find squat toilets on the premises.

Personally I find the squat toilets more hygenic than WC's in Egypt and India.

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