Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning : Estoril Restaurant, Downtown

We found cockroaches in our drink and in the tomato soup last Thursday night at ESTORIL . I would recommend avoiding this place.
When we complained, the management tried to convince us that they must have flown in when the door was opened and just shrugged their shoulders. The only thing they offered was to replace the drink and soup. But we could not eat another bite after these two simultaneous discoveries and just left the rest of the food (that we did pay for) and walked out.

The Management was completely nonchalant and unapologetic about the episode and that was most galling. Even if the Management did not have the courtesy or the wherewithal to waive our bill, the least we expected was an apology, but there was absolutely no chance of that happening, the way things were going.

This place is best avoided.


Anonymous said...

same creatures in applebee's in blue nile floating boat

Terry said...

Sorry you had a sad experience that night, but Estoril is a wonderful restaurant with a long and rich history. Many Americans and Europeans have been eating there for decades. I've been going there since the early 1970s and never had a problem. The staff has always treated me beautifully, with great courtesy, and the owner Maryse Helal is a remarkable and fascinating person. She's worked hard to maintain the restaurant and to make the menu more interesting. I think it would be fair to give it a second chance and let your readers know too. I've been following your blog for about six months and enjoy and appreciate the enthusiasm for Egypt and Egyptians that it shows.


Kim said...

Hey Terry,

Its good that you have had positive expereinces at Estoril and anyone who reads this blog would see your positive feedback.

As for me, once I have had a cockroach in my mouth and I don't even get an apology from the staff, no way can I give a place a second chance.

We could not even eat the other food on the table that night and it is a wonder that i did not throw up right then and there on the table itself! I could never go back.

Others have a choice that they can exercise, I exercise mine. Too many good restaurants in Cairo for me to go back to a place with horribly unpleasant memories.

*~LiZa~* said...

Hi Kim I agree with you on this. I found being american here that I have problems in some places like this and being american or even western we are taught that when something is wrong you fix it even if you give away something you fix it. better luck next time i believe ill stay away from this place.

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