Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama to speak from Al Azhar mosque?

Almost everyone seems to know that President Obama will be addressing the Arab nations from somewhere in Egypt on the 4th of June before heading to France.

While speculation is on as to whether he will even speak from Cairo - Sharm el Sheikh seems to be a favourite of Foreign Dignitaries who visit Egypt and hosts international summits too - one of the rumours is that he may speak from the Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

See article in DNA here

As an outsider who has lived in Egypt for close to 3 years, it seems like a great choice.

An American President visiting an Arab nation before Israel (hence breakinga non-official protocol that has been enduring since many decades) shows that there may be hope yet for an improved Arab-American relationship, but I'm not sure how the Egyptian masses perceive this step.

The Al Azhar mosque itself is a widely respected platform across the Islamic world, but what would be the wider reaction to a non-muslim, speaking at such a historic, spirtual and cultural center.

Another interesting development to look forward to. . .


Mo said...

Al Shorouk Newspaper just published a blurb about him giving the speech from Cairo University.

I feel sorry for the people who live on the way to either establishment from the airport... I suggest they don't leave their houses that day.

Emily Richardson said...

That would definitely make a very positive statement, if he chooses to do it from Al Azhar. I agree, what a perfect choice that would be!

*~LiZa~* said...

I also heard that it will be at Cairo University but I also heard at Al Azhar so it is up in the air and they cant or wont give final place until the day of or maybe not at all due to him being american and so on and so forth

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