Monday, June 08, 2009

H1N1 virus detected in 2 students at AUC Zamalek Dorm

Looks like the virus has entered the city, inspite of the thermal imaging and masks and gloves at the airport & the extermination of pigs. See H1N1 for reference.

2 American AUC Students were found to be infected and the whole dorm of 140 students has been put under quarantine. Reuters broke the story earlier today. Classes on the campus seem to have been suspended for a week.

This email was circulated to the students of AUC earlier this morning. (I have removed the email addresses to prevent them from being spammed by harvesters)

From: Brian MacDougall
Date: Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 8:27 AM
Subject: H1N1 Flu

Please be advised that overnight the Egyptian Ministry of Health confirmed positive H1N1 test results for two AUC students. These two students have been hospitalized and are receiving the necessary medical treatment. A third student was also hospitalized as a cautionary measure because she had a high fever, which is symptomatic of this flu.

These students are all residents of the Zamalek dormitory and as a result the dormitory has been quarantined for 24 hours. The Ministry of Health has obtained samples from all residents of the dormitory and those results are expected later today.

AUC's medical clinic is working closely with the Egyptian Miistry of Health to effectively manage this testing process and to provide the necessary care for all of our students.

This is all of the information available at this time; as we receive further information, it will be shared immediately with the AUC community.

Brian MacDougall
VP for Planning and Administration
The American University in Cairo
AUC Avenue, PO Box 74
New Cairo 11835, Egypt
Office Tel: +20-2-2615-2212

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Anonymous said...

kim i post on the expat site, have posted the flu information and links to flutrackers.starting a couple of weeks back

I hope you post all the info you have access to.

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