Monday, June 15, 2009

Pet Store : Chez Berge - Mohandaseen

I normally pick up pet supplies like cat food and kitty litter from Hyper One / Carre Four/ Metro. But sometimes I just need a new treat for my cat that these stores just don't offer.

The usual fall back is Sami's on 26th July street in Zamalek who has a wide range of pet grooming and play products, but I just discovered a much nicer option.

Chez Berge is located on 40 el Falah Street (off Lebanon street in Mohandaseen) Their number is 3305 4806

They stock a lot of Italian Pet supplies that are much better quality than a lot of stuff I have seen in Cairo in regular stores. The brand they stock is Ferplast which has much smoother finish on its plastic items.

They do name tags engraving for pets, stock litter boxes, baskets, sleeping rugs, carriers, toys, food, grooming brushes, litter. The whole shebang, at least for cats and dogs

They also have a vet on premises. But call for the doctors timings.

If you do buy a carrier from them, they are much better quality than most available in Egypt, but do note that the locking mechanism on ferplast carriers may not be allowed on a lot of airlines. Most airlines only allow a double spring lock door carrier on board as checked in baggage or cargo. So do verify with your airline, if you are planning to buy a carrier for air travel.


Abagale said...


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Warm Regards Team

Abagale said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


thecoconutcake said...

I just came across this post through google. I was searching for pet groomers in Cairo, do you have any idea how I can find groomers here or if you know any?

I couldnt find Chez Berge's phone number online, would you be so kind as to provide it.
Thank you :)

Kim said...


I have not yet located a pet groomer in Cairo. Most vets will cut nails and do a teeth cleaning, but I don't yet know of anyone specific who will do showers and hair cuts etc.

The phone no is in the post itself

Coconut said...

Thank you so much, you've been wonderful. Will be visiting your blog often :)

I read one of your older posts and gave Dr. Rania a call, hopefully will be paying them a visit soon, they don't do showers because she said she's against showering cats, but they will clip the nails and take out the knots in his fur.

Kim said...

Yes Dr Rania is against showers for cats. But I needed to give ours the occasional showers. she is pure white, except the dust in Egypt kept turning her a dull grey and I would rather wash her than let those pollutants get into her stomach. But that was a personal call.

On another of my posts u wil find the contact details for Suzi (Cairo Animal Inn) Suzi would wash our cat if we boarded her there for a week or so. You may want to check with her.

Sasha said...

Hi Kim! The number doesn't seem to be working on this.... You don't have an updated number do you?

I'm having a newborn cat emergency, and I need a good vet and kitten nipples and formula. Any quick tips?

Kim said...

Sasha, Unfortunately I don't. I'm not in Egypt right now and won't be able to find out.

Best bet would be to check directly by visiting this place or Sami's on 26th July street. Under the flyover in Zamalek.

Amal said...

Hi, we`ve recently relocated to Cairo and stay in Shk Zayed City which is about 20 knms out of the city towards Alex.

We`re trying to find a groomer for our american cocker spaniel some where in Shk. Zayed City of 6th October, but have been unsuccessful. We did find a good vet though - American Vetenary Clinic and nthe doctier is quite good! But still neeed a groomer....

Would you be able to recomend a groomer who`s some place in Shk Zayed City or 6th October City please? Many thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Kim said...

Hi Amal,

Welcome to Egypt. Unfortunatley, the pet grooming business hasn't really taken off in Cairo.

I have not yet located a pet groomer in Cairo. Most vets will cut nails and do a teeth cleaning, but I don't yet know of anyone specific who will do showers and hair cuts etc.

Amina Taha said...

I was wondering if you know where I can find a beagle puppy. I've been looking everywhere all around Egypt and it seems to be extremely rare here. Any ideas on where to get one? Or if there are any available? If you do, please contact me via email (mentioned below)- it would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

Nour said...

Hi! I am a really big fan of your blog! I especially love reading the pet sections. I had no idea about that Berge shop you wrote about, or Suzi from the Cairo Animal Inn you mentioned in another. I was wondering, does that Chez Berge Pet Store actually have any live pets on sale? Like kittens, for example? I have been looking for a very young kitten (about 6-8 weeks) and can't seem to find a healthy one. Mix-breed or anything, really! We just want to find a good, healthy kitten. Can you recommend any good places to get from? I know pet shops here are usually filthy, with the animals uncared for, so are there any good pet shops? If that Berge shop has pets for sale, then I don;t think there should be any problem. Please reply soon, as we have been looking for a long time. Thanks!


Nour said...

Hi, I really love your blog. It's been really useful to me. I especially liked reading the pet blogs, because I happen to be looking for a very young, healthy kitten, preferably 7-8 weeks old. I read about the Chez Berge Pet Store, and I haven't been there yet, but I was wondering if they also have live pets, like kittens and puppies and fish and everything. If not, I would really appreciate it if you know any good places where I can find a cute, young kitten and told me as soon as possible. Also, when you said Chez Berge had the whole "shebang", did you also mean scratching posts, covered litter trays, harnesses for walking your cat, or only the things that you wrote down? Please reply ASAP, as we have been searching for a long time, and God blessed me when I came across your blog. Thanks!


Kim said...

Hi Nour,

While I was in Egypt - Chez Berge did not keep live animals. I don't know if they have started keeping them now.

Sami's in Zamalek (same side as All saints cathedral) does keep & sell live pets - in better condition than a lot of other pet stores in the Mohandaseen - Zamalek area.

What items are in stock at pet stores in Egypt is completely dependant on demand and import supplies since most stuff isnt manufactured locally and has to come from Europe or North America.

However if you place an order, you may be able to get what you want in time.

I however found that Amazon + Aramex was the best way out for hard-to-find stuff, while I was in Egypt.

Nour said...

Thank you so much! Can I just please have the exact address of Sami's in Zamalek? And do they also stock good pet supplies, or is it like the regular pet stores in Egypt? Thank you so much!


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