Monday, June 01, 2009

Nile FM - English Radio Station

104.2 is the Nile FM channel that plays English music with English speaking DJ's if you are craving a bit of English music on Radio.

Nile FM has some lovely shows. I enjoy all of them except for the trance/house music on Saturday evenings, because that's one kind of music that I just don't enjoy.

You can also listen to Nile FM online

There are plenty of Arabic channels on the radio, some play music, some are filled with talk shows and conversations.

There are some channels that play Instrumental Music. is another great station


Kim said...

I received an offline comment from a reader that she no longer listens to the NILEFM channel because she finds some of the lyrics offensive.

I guess it depends on which time of the day you are tuning in. I tend to listen to the morning shows which are the wake up call and not really had a problem, but then I guess I also dont have to worry about lyrics as there are no children around. I never thought of it with that perspective before. But I guess they do play popular music without censoring the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

hi,i stopped listenin to nile fm ever since the station became "local" in other words it became Nogom FM but in english,i miss the old days with the british presenters and funny talks ,and the station that used to make me feel that im livin in europe ,now every time i listen i feel annoyed by the presenters and the annoyin programs they present,pls we need the old Amazing NILE FM back ...pls

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