Wednesday, June 17, 2009

St Andrews Refugee Center Craft Shop

Visited the St Andrews Refugee Centre again today. A lot of new classrooms have come up since I last visited, a little over a month ago.

For the first time, I saw children leaving after school was out and the sheer joy and happiness at attneding school, on most of their faces was infectious.

Today the Craft shop was also open and I popped in for a quick look-see. Lovely paintings and water colours by some of the extemely talented refugees take up the most space. There are also papier mache mirrors with African designs on them. A few bits of African jewelry and some other bits and bobs.

The prices are very reasonable and the proceeds all go to a great cause. Helping these wonderful and talented people stand on their feet and earn a living.

I've blogged about the other services available at St Andrews before.

Give a call to check when the craft shop will be open on check their website:

If you are leaving Cairo and have things that are in usable condition and you can't take them with you, please consider donating to St Andrews. They make sure that it reaches people who really need it.


Judy said...

Wow! I'm very impressed at the amount of useful info you have managed to collect on here.
An excellent blog

Kim said...

Thank you Judy

escapadethroughegypt said...

I agree with Judy! And am passing on a "Superior Scribbler Award" to you and your blog, Kim. Read about it here:
Keep up the great work!

Kim said...

Thanks Bernadette, I am truly honored that a published author (you go girl) would award me a Superior Scribbler award.

Thank you once again!

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