Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama's visit to Egypt

Got this in the mail today. I think its a translated version of an Arabic news article.

CAIRO: The Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm published Monday a detailed schedule of US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Egypt June 4.

Obama is due to address the Muslim world from Egypt, though the US had not given any details on where Obama will be making his speech.

A US Embassy official told Daily News Egypt, “The official schedule for President Obama’s visit has not been released. Planning and preparations are underway and we look forward to an exciting visit.”

The newspaper has surmised that the speech will be given from Cairo University. Quoting a diplomatic source, Al-Masry Al-Youm stated that Obama would only stay in Egypt for eight hours before heading to Germany.

The US embassy couldn’t confirm whether Cairo University would be the designated venue or whether the published itinerary is the right one.

According to the paper, Obama will arrive at 10 am and be received by President Hosni Mubarak at Abdeen Palace an hour later for a 45-minute get-together. He then will make his speech from beneath the hallowed dome of Cairo University at 12:30 pm. The speech will reportedly last for an hour.

After the speech Obama is then set to meet with officials from the US Embassy before departing Egypt at 6 pm.

The newspaper also reported that a massive clean up project had begun at the university in preparation for Obama’s visit.


Anonymous said...

Obama will speak at Cairo U. I know this because one of my friends is a student there. Yesterday she told me that final exams, scheduled for the 4th have been canceled and reschedule to the 9th. She is going to find out if students will be allowed to attend his speech and if so, she's gonna try to get me in. Fingers crossed!

Kim said...

l the very best. I've heard its really tough to get on that guest list. Even Embassy contacts don't seem to guarantee a spot at that meeting.

With all the security arrangements I've heard being spoken about, I'm just gonna watch him on the news :)

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