Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buying Rice in Egypt

I'm often asked which brand of rice I use in Egypt. The answer is best given in a series of points.
1. I do not use Egyptian rice for anything except making rice pudding (kheer/ruz bi laban) or risotto because it has a sticky consistency like arborio or sushi rice. This particular rice needs perfection to cook as a side dish for curries, which doesnt suit my touch, taste, see, smell, feel style of cooking
2. To make Indian dosas (rice pancakes of different types) I bring the appropriate rice back from India
3. To make regular rice for daily use, I buy the "Cooker" brand. This used to come in a green topped box, now it comes in a red topped box.

A 2kilo box costs about 26LE. It is also available in 1kilo boxes and also in plastic bags. If you buy a box that isnt dented already, the boxes are very durable and air tight so they can be reused for storing other things at home.

The bottle in front is a current offer at Hyper One where you get a bottle of Crystal hot sauce with a 2 kilo box.


Anonymous said...

What about VeeTee or Tilda? Excellent Pakistani rice, to my knowledge.

Ferida (feridajawad@gmail.com)

Kim said...

Thanks Ferida,

I have used cooker for over 2 years since it works best for me. If it is ever out of stock, I will try the 2 that you mention.

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