Sunday, November 30, 2008

Misr Cafe - Home Delivery of Coffee Powder

I just heard about this company and its services from a friend.

Misr Cafe manufactures a variety of coffee powders and specialty coffee mixes.

These include:
Misr Café
Coffee Break
Life Break
Turkish Coffee
Arabic Coffee
Speciality Coffee
Mister Café
Master Café

Life Break is a Coffee substitute made from barley and malt. Turkish Coffee is available with and without cardamom ground into the mix.

My friends said that if you call them and order, they will even deliver home.

I haven't used them myself as I only drink a special fresh coffee mix that my uncle makes and sends me from home to make authentic South Indian Filter coffee.

But you can try out this site by visiting


amr.m.rezk said...

Hi kim,
I really like them, but I think "Shaheen Cafe" is better. They have all kinds of coffee they sell, and personal mixs also, did you try them out??

Kim said...

Hi Amr,

I have a special blend that is made for me by my uncle in India which I carry back with me for the rare occasions that I do drink coffee. I'm addicted to the Isis brand of karkade + cinnamon tea in Egypt :)

bluestone said...

no no no .. dont ever recommend misr cafe to anyone ... it's the worst..ever
it tastes horrible. all kinds of coffee.

Kim said...

hey bluestone,
looks like there are conflicting reports about Misr Coffee.

any other opinions out there?

amr.m.rezk said...

Hi Kim,
It seems that coffee is a substance hard to understand :D.

About Isis flavors I really do love cinnamon and mint

Ahmad Yusuf said...

I really like this Misr Cafe, I tried it in a hotel in Sharm El Shiekh and since then I am looking for it all super and hypermarket but I can't find, don't know where to buy, I really liked the taste

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